School Information

Welcome to Cultus Lake Community School.

Our History

Cultus Lake Community School was constructed in the late 1920's and was located at the end of Columbia Valley. It was built for the families of local loggers and farmers. In the early 1930's it was moved to the Columbia Valley Community Centre. The current site was built in 1947. It was a small four room building but quickly grew to eight classrooms. In 1959 it burnt to the ground. Reconstruction started immediately and additions continued to be added to the building. The last addition was a full sized gym built in the 1980's. The latest addition was the state of the art playground that was put in last year.  

School Mission statement

Cultus Lake Community school is dedicated to finding success in each student, some way, every day. We strive to encourage and support all students as they navigate towards their highest potential in a changing world.

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